The Experience

We live in a complex, joyful, and beautiful country; a country where your ideas and preconceptions change the longer you look at them. Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss and their team look long and hard at what we eat, and where it’s from. They look to the sea and the garden, to the fields and orchards; they open old cellars and pantries to find ingredients that have meaning. We invite you into our dining room to take part in a modern, South African dining experience. An experience that’s as complex, joyful and beautiful as the country we live in.


Our food

Life and death of trees

"Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root." – Malay proverb

We always strive for beauty. Where most restaurants a meal with a barren table, we turn to trees. Your final sweets are served on local fynbos Bonsai, Namibian Mopane Root, and Madagascan petrified wood, to remind us of the circle of life, and the beauty of trees.

Our food

Amasi & sago

It might sound like a new Hipster fashion line, but really it’s a dish that’s like much of our history: part local, part foreign.

The miracle of fermentation, and it’s life-giving nutrients has made Amasi a staple for centuries. Sago, a more recent arrival, is deeply part of South African recipes, from boerber to breedies. Fused by grapefruit, these two staples are presented in a new, surprising, and delicious way.

Our food

Toffee apple

Crack, crunch, sweet, tart. Sticky lips. Sugar rush. There’s not much better than cooking and eating your way to childhood.

Amy Young’s Toffee Apple does just that. We use Elgin apples. So good because the region’s valley hoards the cool night air. They’re picked when we’re told, by Autumn's cold snap.

Our people

Pete & Ash

Peter Tempelhoff, Executive Chef, and Ashley Moss, Head Chef, lead the team at Greenhouse.

From a feeling, smell or image, an idea, discussion or argument, comes an idea. Peter and Ash kick it about, mould it, test it, and critique it until it’s ready to be shared with you. They challenge each other and the team to be creative, consistent, explorative, and fun. It’s gotta be fun. There’s no point if it’s not fun.


Our people

Front of House team

Our Front of House team get a massive kick out of making you happy. Warm welcomes, finding the wine that tastes just so, whatever you need to make your time with us, light, fun, and enjoyable.

Front of house has got your back.


Our people

Kitchen team

These beautiful nutters run the engine that keeps the good ship Greenhouse sailing. Precision, timing, hard work and madness keep them going, but it’s the deep love of flavour, and our ingredients that keeps them together.




We invite you into our dining room to take part in a modern, South African dining experience. An experience that’s as complex, joyful and beautiful as the country, we live in.

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